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 Card Complimentation

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PostSubject: Card Complimentation   Card Complimentation I_icon_minitimeFri May 31, 2013 6:17 pm

Hello, I'm a member of Horakhty (the highest dorm), as well as a tester, and I'd like to help people learn how to build better decks. Don't be afraid to post comments or questions, I'll do my best to listen.

An important thing to consider while you build a deck is what cards would you benefit most from having in it. While this is fairly obvious is of itself, it can be quite difficult, especially if you're not using an archetype deck(A deck with a related names, like Six Samurai or Elemental HERO). For instance, a key part of Six Samurai is how good your starting hand is, since the normal plan is to synchro summon Shi En as soon as possible. Pot of Duality, a card that let's you add a card to your hand from the top 3 in your deck, sounds like it would be good for Six Samurai. However, it also means you can't special summon, which cripples Six Samurai, as the deck essentially relies on special summons.

Let's look at a less common example. Final Countdown relies on stalling the opponent for as long as possible(20 turns and you win). You would think Pyro Clock of Destiny, a card which skips forward a turn, would be an important part of the deck. But in reality, it's not as effective as Threatening Roar or Waboku, which essentially let you get two turns(The turn your opponent went into BP, and your next turn).

Little details like that can make or break a deck. Keep that in mind while you edit or make decks. Look at the cards you have, and think "What's my main strategy for this deck? How will this card help that strategy?".
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Card Complimentation
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