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 mineram test result

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Wynaughtify (KFC)

Wynaughtify (KFC)

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mineram test result Empty
PostSubject: mineram test result   mineram test result I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 02, 2013 2:10 pm

Deck size : 46+ (52 cards) 0/10

Cards in Deck: 3/5 (do they have staples? do they have a clear-cut strategy? do they have a back-up strategy? do they have all the cards (uniquely named) they need? do they have the amounts they need?)

You have way too much unnecessary cards. You also miss some staples, like Hysteric Sign, which adds consistency to the deck, and help you bringing out rank 7 synchos. Your startegy seems to be getting monsters that you can normal summon and give them large attack, through Mage Power and Rising Air Current, and burn your opponent with Magical Cylinder and Gagaga Cowboy. Your extra needs lots of improvements.

Quickness of Deck: 4/10

You have too much cards that don't have much synergy with harpies. It slows the deck considerably. However, you do have some tutors and cards that help you special summons.

Attitude: 5/5

Not much to say, you were nice and it's always cool, don't change ^^

Deck Consistency: 5/10

Unfortunately, as stated previously, you lacks consistency. But your strategy seems to go through almost quite nicely. The porblem is that it's your strategy that lacks consistency.

Skill with Deck: 10/10

You knew what you had to do with your cards, and didn't make any missplays with what you had.

Knowledge of Rulings: 10/10

You know all the basic rulings, andyou didn't had any rulings issues with the cards we used in your duel. Good.
Siding: 0/5

Self-explanatory, you had 0 cards in your side deck.

Originality: 5/5

It's always nice to see harpies, so it's already originle, AND you had an original build, so double originality ^^

Games Won (Testee-Tester): 0-2 = 0/30

You were too preservative in your plays and let me set up too much when you could've avoid that. You could have won the second duel.

42 points (Slifer: 65 and under Ra: 66-85 Obelisk: 86-99 ), welcome in slifers ! You can earn points by winning tournaments and posting on the site. When you reach 100 points, you can take the test again, good luck ! And if you have any questions, concerning the game or not, don't hesitate to ask any other students. Hope you'll enjoy your time here !
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mineram test result
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