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 Thunder Duelist test results

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Wynaughtify (KFC)

Wynaughtify (KFC)

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Thunder Duelist test results Empty
PostSubject: Thunder Duelist test results   Thunder Duelist test results I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 13, 2013 3:53 am

Tester: Wynaughtify (KFC)

Tester deck: Red dragon archfiend resonator

Testee: Thunder Dueslist

Testee deck: Yubel

Deck Size: 40 = 10

Cards in Deck: 2/5 (do they have staples? do they have a clear-cut strategy? do they have a back-up strategy? do they have all the cards (uniquely named) they need? do they have the amounts they need?

No really back-up strategy, but it is hard in a yubel deck. Playing the calculator is pretty staple in Yubel, but it's a still a good back-up~ish card in this deck, so good point. You might want to add more lights though like maybe ryko that can work really well with Yubel, and let's you tech BLS (as calculator is also light, maybe one or two veiler also to protect Ultimate nightmare). Also you might want to play an extra just in case. When I have room for instance, I always put staple synchro/xyz, even if i can't summon them, like when I have no tuners in my deck, because reborn is a thing. Also if you decide to add veiler, you might be able to summon with your own deck only. One last thing is I had the feeling that you really miss protections for Yubel Ultimate nightmare. Safe Zone isn't enough, especially when most decks main MST.

Quickness of Deck: 8/10

You got out your Yubel - Ultimate nightmare pretty fast, but it can be a double-edge sword, as the first two are kinda "protected" by their effect, that lets you summon the next one, but if your opponent gets rid of ultimate nightmare, you usually have a bad field left. Limit reverse is a good idea to balance that though. This last points is more about your deck's consistency. The two points loss is because game 1 you had to wait a tiny bit and game 2 was really stally haha, so one point for each Wink

Attitude: 5/5

You were really nice, even though I was really tired and messed up a couple of things like forgetting to bottomless Razz, you did let me. Glad to see nice people enrolling !

Deck Consistency: 6/10

Not much to add from the previous points actually. Try to add protections and maybe a slight chaos engine. I don't know your build, but I think it might fit in. Even if you don't get out Ultimate Nightmare as quick, you should win in consistency.

Skill with Deck: 10/10

You knew how to play your deck, you didn't make mistakes with your hand.

Knowledge of Rulings: 10/10 Wink

Siding: 5/5- Based on if the tester thinks you sided.

Originality: 5/5

YUBEL AND CAPS LOCK FTW ! But really, cool deck mang :]

Games Won (Testee-Tester): 1-2 = 10/30

Total: 81/100

You are at the top of yellow, almost blue :[ The win-loss ratio shouldn't be that important imo, it's what cost you the blue dorm sadly. But you can takeanother test whenever you want. As a final note, thanks if you read all my rambling, most tester just write the "grades" haha. And Yugioh is about fun, so it's all good. That's why I don't want to get in any dorm and stay white :] I have been offered blue, but yeah, have fun and that's all !

Here is the points you will need to get into each dorm. Slifer: 65 and under Ra: 66-85 Obelisk: 86-99 
horakhty: 100
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Thunder Duelist test results
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