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 The Führer's Law

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Führer Lunarnox

Führer Lunarnox

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The Führer's Law Empty
PostSubject: The Führer's Law   The Führer's Law I_icon_minitimeThu May 30, 2013 1:51 am

Here is the list of rules for Black Spell. If an admin catches you breaking them you he will report to the headmaster and the head admin and they will make the decision on whether or not you will be banned. he will give you a starting warning, after that you will have three strikes. 1 strike is a verbal warning, 2nd is a kick, third is a ban for a day. Any further offenses will be dealt with according to severity.
rule no. 1: Admins have authority.
rule no. 2: Do not link or discuss explicit materials.
rule no. 3: Do not troll.
rule no. 4: Do not spam.
rule no. 5: This is an English speaking site.
rule no. 6: there will be no fighting, threatening or anything like that.
rule no. 7: there will be no sexual harassment or anything like that.
rule no. 8: there will be no cheating. if you have a question about a ruling or you think someone is cheating call the headmaster or an admin to your game right away.
rule no. 9: for all tournaments and tests we use the advance banned and limited list. if you are caught using a banned card or too many of a limited card you will be disqualified from the tournament
rule no. 10: There will be no advertising OR posting of another academy link unless they are affiliated with us (If you break this rule this is an automatic Ban for a day and if it occurs again it is an I.P. ban
rule no. 11: You must have fun.
rule no. 12: bans may expire, or be appealed.
rule no. 13: Do not mention/ask for special privileges.
rule no. 14: No obnoxious text colors.
rule no. 15: Do not leave useless comments.
rule no. 16: Be considerate  and tolerant of others beliefs, customs and things they enjoy.
rule no. 17: No more racist words or terms from any admin or member of the academy.
rule no. 18: Rule are subject to change. Re-read them periodically.
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The Führer's Law
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