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 IAmTroubled's Testing Results

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Head of Horakhty

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IAmTroubled's Testing Results Empty
PostSubject: IAmTroubled's Testing Results   IAmTroubled's Testing Results I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 26, 2013 3:40 am

Tester: Lryuzaki13

Tester deck: Dark Magician

Testee: IAmTroubled

Testee deck: Evilswarm(Penalized)

Deck Size: 48 = 0/10 

Cards in Deck: 3/5 

Quickness of Deck: 10/10

Attitude: 5/5

Deck Consistency: 6/10 Only managed to xyz once.

Skill with Deck: 10/10

Knowledge of Rulings: 10/10

Siding: 3/5- Admitted to no siding, but didn't really need to.

Originality: 0/5 It's an Evilswarm deck.

Games Won (Testee-Tester):  1-2 = 10/30
 Total: 56/100

Here is the points you will need to get into each dorm. Slifer: 59 and under Ra: 60-79 Obelisk: 80-94 horakhty: 95-100

Additional comments:  I didn't penalize for Evilswarm, as the result would be the same.

Welcome to Slifer.
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IAmTroubled's Testing Results
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